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The school holidays are over and after a wonderful two and a half weeks with my girls, I feel like I'm cleaning up after a big party!  I don't mind that, we've had lots of fun, and it's not a bad thing to let the housework take a back seat for a while to spend time with my kids.  But I still can't help wishing I was more perfect, and could do it all, that my house would never be a mess, I'd always be super organised..........   Oh well, I can dream can't I?

Still, I've decided to try and get somewhat more organised.  There are so many things on my 'to do' list, and more get added all the time.  One of my big ones this year is to try and use up some of my massive fabric stash; in particular my scraps.  I also want to try and make useful things, and things that can replace throw away items - like cloth napkins instead of paper ones.

This coming weekend is my younger daughter's birthday, and she is having a few friends around for a party at our house.  So this got me thinking...

I have quite a stash of fleece - which, since we live in the tropics, is not getting used up much at all!  So what could I do with it?  Here's what I did, to make a small dent in the pile....

I cut several pieces from several colours...

And some strips from an old sheet...

And had my first try at making bunting!!

I think it looks nice and colourful in the secret garden...

Or perhaps it could go by the pool...

Wherever we decide to put it - my daughters love it, it used up some of my stash, and we now have reusable, washable decorations!!

My own birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks too, and I always make more
 'New Years Resolutions'
 as it's the start of a new year for me!!
Since there's no time like the present, I've decided to get a move on with a big project for this year - upcycling my stash of old clothes! 

SO, I've decided that in May, I will post every day about some clothes upcycling I'm doing.
There - I've said it!  Now I have to do it!

So starting May 1st - do stop by and see how I'm going!  Join me if you like and bust some of your stash too!! 


  1. Found you on the Wandering Wednesday Blog Hop! I'm now following you. Would love it if you'd follow back!

  2. What a great idea. Am working on some upcycling for my daughter. Will let you know how I go.

  3. A great way to use up your fabric stash! I like finding a decent use for something too. Decorative is decent :-)

  4. What a clever idea. The bunting looks really fun and such a great way to use up that fabric stash that somehow seems to get bigger;) I hope you're enjoying your day.

  5. Love this - what a great idea! Good luck with the party :) K

  6. What a fabulous bunting, so bright & cheery! It'll be perfect for any party, or even just to brighten your day!

  7. Love your bunting! so funny that you used the fleece because it's too warm to wear...perfect solution.

  8. Hi Jill..I love the idea of reusable decorations and quick to make ones too!

  9. Hi Jill

    The bunting looks amazing!! So bright, colourful and fun.

    Michelle :-)

  10. I love the idea of multi-purpose reusable decorations! The pennant looks so colourful and festive- it will look amazing wherever you put it. Hope you and your daughter have wonderful birthdays! ~Yvonne (thanks for stopping by my blog!)

  11. love the bunting.. it looks pretty and colourful wherever you put it! I shall be following the upcycling. I have a pair of linen trousers that are too short and am about to upcycle into some long shorts. Like you I have fleece - some large bits too - that aren't going to see much use here in Perth... they might become picnic blankets instead!!

  12. What gorgeous colours you pulled together. I like your "green" approach to your sewing - things that are re-useable, and that make use of the stash you've got. You go girl!


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