Scrappy Friday - sewing machine cover

Today I wanted a quick, easy and useful project that would use up some of the small squares of fabric I cut months ago, and that have been sitting in a box waiting to be used since then.

For a while now, I've been thinking of making a cover for my sewing machine.  We have our ceiling fans turning constantly throughout our house, and the dust does get blown onto everything!

So  - remembering I wanted a quick, easy project - I just grabbed the squares and started sewing them together in no particular order:

I sewed them together into strips..

Each strip was long enough to wrap half-way around the base of my sewing machine.

Then I sewed the strips together...

Again in no particular order - easy and quick, not worrying about matching colours or the lines of the squares!

Then once I had large rectangle, I cut a matching sized piece from an old curtain lining I had.

With each rectangle, I folded them in half, right sides together, stitched down the sides, then reaching inside the fabric, I flattened each corner to a triangle and sewed across - to 'box' the corners out. I then cut off the triangle corner beyond my stitching, and repeated with the other corner, same for both pieces of fabric.

I then put the pieces one inside the other - wrong sides together and turned the edges over to hide the raw ends.  And stitched it all closed!

And voila!! A new sewing machine cover - made from lots of very small scrappy squares - and an old piece of curtain lining!

Not bad for a super fast project....

There's my trusty little machine peeking out from it's new cosy cover !

Not bad - for a throw it together job! And it's practical, useful and does the trick!!


  1. Very clever, and considering this was a quick thrown-together type of thing it's very pretty too!

  2. Fantastic idea. I just might copy! Buttons would probably look cute sewn on randomly on the seams too!

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  5. What a beautiful cover...very clever!!
    I just might give this one a try!!

  6. I love it! Projects that use up those scraps are always fantastic, and this is cute and functional to boot. <3

  7. That is very nice - I have no idea how to work a sewing machine. I did take a home economics class in junior high about 30 years ago and I think I got a "C"... My mother in law was a home ec teacher and she still hems and sews for my husband.. You would think after 22 years of marriage I would have learned.. Crazy! Your project is beautiful.
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  8. You did such a great job on your sewing machine cover! My mom is a seamstress and I'm sure she'll be impressed with this idea. Btw, following you now from Boost My Blog Friday. Hope you'll follow back :)

  9. Very Cute!!!

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  10. That is very cute! I do wish I had just a little bit of the crafting gene in me!

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  11. Hi Jill~
    What a cute project! I am so impressed with anyone who can sew...I have a hard time just mending something! :)
    My creativity does NOT extend to needles and thread but I admire those who can!
    Thanks for stopping by today.
    Following you back. :)

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  13. What a great idea. My MIL got me into quiliting, although since the little people were born, my grandmother's sewing machine is collecting dust in the basement. I think this is the perfect excuse to break it out - one for me and one for my MIL> Quick and easy project (I have so many fat quarters from joann's it's ridiculous) You have a new follower in me!

  14. What great ideas! I love the sweing mahcine cover and will have to come back and try some others out. My daughter would love the bed pockest for her books too. Wow! I will return for more fun ideas.thanks. I am following you from the boost your bloghop.

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