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This weekend coming, my husband is off to Perth for a sizeable family reunion.  Unfortunately the girls and I aren't going ( we'll make up by having a good fun girlie weekend!).
It was also his parents 60th birthdays recently, so I wanted to make them something special that he could take over for them this weekend.

The girls have drawn them some fabulous pictures for the family, but my drawing skills aren't up to much, so of course I decided to stitch something!

I made them a kind of table runner, with our daughters' (their granddaughters') handprints, names and the year appliqued on.
Since I sent them a set of fabric Great Barrier Reef coasters I made for Christmas, I thought I'd stick with the same colours, so they would all match.
Here's some snapshots:

I also made (by request) a set of  conversation coasters for my husband to take with him. I made these recently and posted a tutorial (click here)

The family question coasters I made several weeks ago are used by us daily - and loved by our girls - they set the table with them face down in everyone's setting so each question is a secret till asked! It has really helped us find out more about our girls' days at school - instead of the 'nothing' or 'don't remember' response that is often the reply given when asked directly! answering the question on a coaster is much more exciting and so produces a much better response!!
 Since I was making more of these coasters, I made another family set with different questions on for us to keep too.


  1. Oh I LOVE the table runner...what a great way to preserve your children's handprints, just brilliant! :)

  2. What great ideas!! My boys would love the question coasters and that runner is wonderful!

  3. Jill, the table runner is absolutely fab. Beautiful concept for a gandma - I may have to do something like this for my mom!

  4. The handprint table runner is such a great idea! How special for a gift to a family member. I love the fabric, too!


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