My Creative Space - teaching my girls to sew

Little by little I'm teaching my two daughters, aged 5 and 7 to sew.  I'm loving the whole process - getting to spend quality time with them, involving them in my passion, and learning lots myself!
This week we made..
Roll-up pencil cases!

They work together, taking one step at a time - and I step in to help when needed.
(I've been making up a picture based tutorial for them for each project we're doing, so they can try to follow it themselves)

My youngest got a bit distracted measuring other things - as they're just learning that in school now!

But in the end, they turned out really well!

And have been filled up already with pencils and pens!

Aren't they clever!!

Proud Mum Jill!!


  1. Brilliant. I love the fact that your girls are making things for themselves that they can take away and have pride in using. Well done proud mum!

  2. They are so clever - taking after Mum, I think!

  3. The girls have done a great job.

  4. OOO, i need one of those for my crochet hooks!

  5. What fun! And they did a terrific job too!!

  6. Glad that you are enjoying such lovely quality time with you cute little daughters. The girls did a lovely job of helping. Love it. It really made me smile.

  7. I'm a new follower from the hop and can I just say how comforting it is to see your girls using a sewing machine! I just bought one and it's still in the box, I'm so intimidated : )


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