Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Upcycling nighties to origami bags

I have several nighties in my clothes upcycling stash and had an idea as to how they could best be upcycled.

The soft, silky fabric makes for beautiful little bags made using my Fabric Origami Bag tutorial:

Here's the pile of nighties I've got..

I think I'll make a few of these bags with this stash.
They'd be great gift bags for jewellery, perfume or toiletries perhaps - maybe nice little stocking fillers for Christmas?

From two nighties I made two bags. The straps are long enough for the drawstrings for the bags, and there's then a little of the fabric from each nightie left over, that could may be saved to make gift wrapping flowers or decorations?

Do you think this is a good use for those nighties?
What would you used nice soft silky bags like this for?


  1. They are fab, Jill! Really! But those nighties look very good :) I have a t-shirt for up cycling which has a cute kitty in front, so I think of making some crochet+fabrics projects. Let's see :)

    1. Thanks Anna! I'd love to see your crochet fabric projects - do let me know what you come up with!!

  2. They look lovely - a neat stocking filler, you could fill it with various toiletries too to make a nice gift too

    1. Thanks Heather! Yes they'd be great with toiletries - thanks for the suggestion!

  3. These are beautiful as gift bags, Jill. Great upcycle.

  4. Great idea, love them :)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays...


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