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Hi! My name is Jill and I live in Cairns, Australia with my husband and two beautiful daughters.

As my blog title states, I am currently 

'Creating my way to Success'

But what does that mean exactly?  

Well, my goals and aims are:

  • To create my own job and make a decent income online. 
  • To motivate others to believe they can!
  • To use what I have to be the best version of myself I can be.
  • To make a difference in the world and help to save our environment.

Here's more details..

To create my own job and make a decent income online. 
So far I'm creating income from my blogs, through advertising and growing my readership; through freelance writing; and also selling things I have created. I'm always looking for other options and avenues and share this journey in my posts.

My 3 blogs are:
Creating my way to Success - the main base for my work and learning online.  My creative medium in sewing, so you'll find a lot of that here - including over 100 free sewing tutorials for all levels and abilities.
Be Our Best - this blog charts what I'm doing with our kids to help them grow into the best versions of themselves they can be.
Fit and Healthy Me - this blog charts my journey learning more about health and fitness as I workout and train and see what my body is truly capable of!

To motivate others to believe they can!
One of my favourite quotes is from Zig Ziglar:

 “People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.”

I believe that anyone can achieve whatever they desire by believing in themselves and being willing to put in the hard work and be persistent and consistent in their efforts. 

I encourage budding sewers to give it a go, with plenty of simple tutorials - like my series of tutorials entitled:  

I also share whatever I learn about blogging, what I've found successful and what hasn't worked to, so others can learn and hopefully gain success themselves!

You'll also find I share plenty of motivational and inspirational quotes both here on my blogs and also on my Facebook page.

To use what I have to be the best version of myself I can be.
When faced with a challenge or a problem, many people react by looking at how they can buy their way forward. Who can they pay or what gadget can they buy to solve their problem? I believe we should first look at what we have - our own skills, abilities and resources. Creativity is so important here in finding a way that may not be the most obvious or the easiest option.
I want to apply this philosophy to all areas of my life, in particular - work, health and fitness and parenting.
On this blog - you can see how I've followed this philosophy in sewing with lots of upcycled materials to create useful and practical things!

This year in particular (2014) I'm focussing on
 'using what I've got' .

In July I've started my Use What You've Got Challenge, which you can read about here

To make a difference in the world and help to save our environment.
I've always felt strongly about being conscious of the effect our lives have on our environment.  The 'use what you've got' philosophy is a big part of this. It's not only financially sensible, but in our consumer and throw-away society, we need to learn to make more of the resources we have already created instead of constantly producing more and more, which results in  more waste and so more environmental destruction.
Again, my many upcycling projects show ways that we can 'use what we've got' and help to do our bit in saving the environment.

Finally, I also try to show a little of this beautiful corner of the world that I live in - the tropical paradise of Far North Queensland - right beside the Great Barrier Reef.

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I'd love to hear from you.
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