Rolled hems

Last week I made some knit skirts and used rolled hems on the bottom, which gave a nice wavy finish!

I had intended to use the rolled edge setting on my overlocker (serger) but was having problems getting my overlocker to work (later discovered I needed to change the needle!)

Anyway - since I couldn't do the rolled edge on my overlocker, I decided to try using the rolled hem foot on my sewing machine.

I found it was actually quite easy to use! Here's how:

You fold the edge of your fabric over twice to form your hem and slide this under the foot:

Then put the needle down into the hem where you want it stitched:

Lower the foot, then holding both threads at the back make 3 or 4 stitches.

Then just gently ease the hem up into the curl of the hemmer foot, and continue stitching and feeding the edge of the fabric through:

This produces a nice, neat, small hem:

If you do exactly the same but with knit fabric, the resulting hem has this nice wavy look:

Now that I have my overlocker working again, I thought I'd compare my sewing machine rolled hem with my overlocked rolled edge.
Here's both on the plain cotton fabric - the overlocked hem at the top, and the sewing machine hem on the bottom:

Then here's the difference with the knit fabric. Again the overlocked edge is at the top and the sewing machine stitched hem at the bottom.

I have to say I prefer the machine stitched rolled hem - particularly with the knit fabric, but it is slightly more fiddly to do with the sewing machine!

Do you have a rolled hem foot for your machine? Do you use it much?

I think that I'm going to try out my other machine feet this week. Having had my machine for about 8 years, I think it's about time I learnt what it can do!
I'll post over the coming days what I learn!

I'll be trying:

Blind Stitch Hemming
Pin Tucking
Shell Tuck

How well do you know what your sewing machine can do??

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  1. I don't have one... but now I know I want one! :D I haven't used my sewing machine in a while but I really need to make dresses for my little girl.

    1. Thanks Janelle! I'm sure your little girl would love some new dresses! My girls never seem to have enough!!

  2. I like the wave! I have to admit I haven't broken out my rolled hem foot either. I debated it a couple times this summer actually, this makes me think I really should!

    1. You should try your rolled hem foot Rachel! It only took me 8 years to get to mine - but I'll be using it lots from now on!!

  3. very very nice skirts! the wave makes it look girly girl! great job :)Anna

  4. Great comparison.... I love what both of my machines can do & use the different feet & stitches all the time!

    1. Thanks DeniseAngela - and it's so nice to hear that someone does make use of all the settings on their machines! I'm getting there slowly!


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