Sewing desk makeover - final reveal!

Now I know this doesn't have the wow factor of some makeovers that have neat little colour co-ordinated baskets and boxes so everything is tidily hidden away and super organised. BUT since I really only had a single desk with a couple of shelves to work with, and an awful lot of stuff to find space for, (plus I didn't want to spend any money!) I'm really happy with all the organisation I came up with - using what I had!
My sewing desk is in the corner of our computer room - which also has 3 more desks, and a couple of bookcases in it. It's a small room, so my space is limited - but I think I've managed to make the most of it! 
See what you think!

So on the shelves, I had these round storage tubs that I made a few years ago from covered poster tube sections:
They, together with a couple of baskets, were stuffed full to overflowing; and although labelled with what each had inside - I still had to empty the whole tub to find just one thing - inevitably from the bottom!

So first I decided to make some hanging pockets that went around the insides of the shelves - so I could use that space, but still leave the shelf itself clear:

Filled up I can now see what I've got!!

I then used the outer sides of the desk for storing my threads - again in more hanging pockets:
Regular threads on one side..
Overlocker (serger) threads on the other:

I made a pretty cover for my overlocker (serger)

a pretty Thread Catcher and pincushion:

And a quick needle book:

Then (and this is my favourite part)  I worked out storage for my buttons. 
Instead of this..

I now have this..

Little colour co-ordinated bags full of lovely buttons!  Hanging up so I still have the shelf surface free!
My girls had lots of fun sorting my buttons:

And I had fun sewing some little drawstring bags - using up more of my scrap stash!

I had lots of hooks drilled in and prepared..

They look pretty neat all hanging up now - just as I imagined!

Finally I had lots of ribbons in one big mess..

So I cut some pieces of sturdy plastic from old files and diaries, punched holes and wound the ribbon on:

And using various metal rings I had from old bags and keyrings, I hung the ribbons up on the remaining hooks.

So from this..

To this..
(I also have 3 plastic mesh baskets on the top shelf with things like my iron and hot glue gun in - but didn't photo them as it wasn't very exciting or imaginative!)

I'm rather pleased with my new sewing desk! And all I had to buy was some small hooks which cost me about $5!  Not bad!

I've just used covers I had to line the shelves, and a Japanese door hanging to hide away all that pinkness and keep the dust away!

Not that it's going to have much chance to collect dust over the coming weeks and months - I have so many projects planned in my head - can't wait to get started using my new fancy sewing desk!!

So...what do you think?  
What's your sewing or craft desk,area or room like? Leave a link with your comment if you have a picture - I'd love to see!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Fay! I had so much fun doing it and am so pleased with the result! I have to keep popping in the room to have another look!

  2. Your desk looks great, love your button storage! I 'ddi' my craft room earlier in the year ( ). It is not as tidy anymore but still better than it was!


    1. What a lovely craft room you have Alison! I love the bunting and your door sign!

  3. The hanging pockets inside your shelf are very clever! Well done!

  4. Looks wonderful the little pouches for al the buttons.

  5. Looks great Jill, I would want to spend much more time there now! I think I may have to work on my sewing room now!

    1. Thanks Ellen! I'm so happy with it! - well worth all the effort.

  6. Very nice Jill. I like the button bag color coordination - really smart.

  7. That is awesome! I love all the organization!

  8. I have pocket organizers in my sewing room as well, you're going to love them! Something about eliminating that opening and closing the container step helps keep things put away as you're working. Here's the hanging organizer I made from a shower curtain

    1. LOVE them Kirstin! Brilliant idea to use shower curtains - perfect so you can see everything in them! Thanks for sharing!

  9. The sewing desk looks awesome now! lots of hard work has been put into it's makeover, I was reading all your posts about it :)now can't wait to see your projects, i know the feeling when you want to start creating something immediately! Have a nice day! Anna

  10. looks really amazing. Hopefully, one day I'll do something fine day, I guess :)

  11. You had me at pink, not to mention the pretty little stars and the polka dots! The inside pockets are so clever and the Japanese warriors too cool for words! Thank you again so much for the vote on Apartment Therapy, I am really overwhelmed!

    1. Thanks Meeha! and you're so very welcome for the vote - your room is gorgeous!!

  12. Think of the time you'll save not having to sift through things. The drawstring bags and the pockets are great ideas.

    1. Oh I know Pam - All that time spent organising will save me so much more in the long run - plus seeing all the little trinkets I've saved keeps giving me new ideas of what to do with them!!


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