My Practical Patchwork Tote finished!

Well I did it! I finally finished my tote for the

And here it is:

It's nice to look back and see what I started with..

....and what I finished up with..

The inside lining is also scrap patchwork:

The sentiment I appliqued on the front represents
my philosophy in life:

Overall I'm proud of my little tote, and although I may not have the amazingly accurate patchwork, quilting or other impressive sewing skills demonstrated by other challenge participants - I shall be happy for my effort to stand next to theirs!

Tomorrow I'll post the tutorial of how I made this

'Practical Patchwork Tote'

For anyone intereted in using up some of their scraps to make something functional and useful!

UPDATE: Tutorial can be found here!

UPDATE 2:  The Tote Challenge is now over - and voting is open!
 Click here to see all the totes and vote for your favourite.
For more fabulous creativity - head on over to Our Creative Spaces!


  1. Yes! Very well done! I can't believe the inside is patchwork as well. That's a lot of work.

  2. That's amazing, I love how it had turned out. All your hard work has really paid off. I really love the "anything is possible" on the front. Sometimes we just need a reminder, thanks!

  3. Your tote will stand proud with the others, Jill. You've done a great job. Love the saying appliqu├ęd to the front. The oval shape with the word in the centre looks great. Well done on using fabric from your stash.

  4. love it!!! I also love the fact that it is a wonderful stylish tote that some folks would pay big money for and YOU made it from your scraps!!!!! Super cool!!!

  5. superb! nice work! use of scraps to make something so useful ! wow! and kudos to your philosophy!

  6. Wow, that looks like quite a bit of work! It looks great :)

  7. How fantastic! And a wonderful philosophy to live by..x


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