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Thursday, May 26, 2011

My creative space - clothes upcycling challenge day 26

Today's creative space is a little bit of mending and a bit more upcycling!
First I finally managed to do something with a pair of my shorts.  I showed you them a couple of weeks ago, when I braved fixing zips.  Unfortunately the zip on these shorts was unfixable, so I still didn't know what to do...
Then some clever reader (thanks Danielle!!) suggested replacing the zip with velcro!  Now why didn't I think of that!
So I did!  It was remarkably easy - just unpick, remove the old broken zip, and stitch it all back in place with some velcro added!  Hey presto, I can wear my shorts again!!

Now today's upcycle (not much left in my box now...)
Is a dress we got in a hand-me-down bag.
Very pretty, and my eldest daughter loves it, but the only problem is it's a size 4 and she's more like a size 8!

So I snipped off the top of the dress, folded over the waist to make a casing, added a fresh piece of elastic and now she has a wonderful, twirly polka-dot skirt!

I tell you - upcycling clothes is the best way to learn more about sewing techniques and the way clothes are made!  I've learnt sooo much this month! 
What have you learnt about your craft lately?

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  1. Ooooh I love that polka dot print. Great little skirt!

  2. That is a lovely skirt. Well done on the shorts too.

  3. Love the tip about the zip and velcro. Have several broken zip items!

  4. Gorgeous little skirt, a winner!!

  5. I love it as a skirt - actually more than the dress. Cuteness!

  6. Love that purple polka dot fabric. I think it looks cuter now than as a dress. :)

  7. That is a great idea with the valcro!!! LOVE the spotted skirt.. very cute!!

  8. OMG! Thankyou! My husband was after a new zip in his jeans. Maybe I can velcro them! Fantastic!!

  9. Yay for mending! Both projects look great.

  10. Your daughter is going to love twirling around in her new skirt, it looks great. xo

  11. Great idea about the velcro!! Who knew?? !! And that twirly skirt is adorable! She will love it!

  12. Hello! You really are talented! That's a lovely skirt you've made there. Very tempted to do the same for some dresses hanging at the back of my closet!

  13. you're so right, upcycling is the best way to learn about sewing. I'm doing it too, and love it!

  14. Yay for beign able to wear your shorts again! :) And a good upcycle of the dress to skirt. I am working up the nerve to cut up a pair of my old pants to make a pair of cargoes for my eldest small. Fingers crossed! :)

  15. Great dress to skirt up-cycle! Hope you had a great weekend.

    Kadie @ Seven Alive

  16. Your welcome! And I love the polka-dot dress. It is too cute as a skirt:>


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