Sunday, May 8, 2011

Clothes upcycling day 8 - hair band from dress

Today's project was a nice easy one! A headband, made from part of a small knit dress:

I used an old dress that was a favourite and worn LOTS! 
But is sadly now too small..

I simply cut a strip from the body...

Attached a piece of elastic half the width to either side..

Then wrapped the band around the outside of the elastic, and while stretching it sewed it in.  And also sewed the other side to hide the raw edges!
I then added some circles of the fabric, folded into quarters and secured in the middle with a button, to add a little extra embellishment to the headband!
(Sorry, I got a bit carried away, and forgot to take pictures of those steps!)

Again, looking around the web, there are plenty of people who have done this already and some great tutorials if you want to try one yourself!

Here's a tutorial for making a headband from a t-shirt

Here are some ideas for what to use to make headbands - from bra straps to pantyhose!

Or how about turn a t-shirt sleeve into a headband!

And finally - a DIY Usamimi Headband!!

Come back tomorrow for my next clothes upcycle - I'm a week in, and 3 more to go!  Lots of ideas flowing - some great ones yet to come! AND don't forget tomorrow (Monday) is also my weekly "Round Tuit" linky party - where you can link up any type of creation to 'show and tell' everyone - from sewing to scrapbooking, cooking or woodwork! Anything goes! Show us all your creative talent!

Remember too, if your project is a clothes upcycling one, then link it to the dedicated page here:

Hope you're all having a lovely day!

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  1. Wonderful the embellishment!!

  2. Very cute idea! Thanks for sharing this step by step.

    Blessings and happy Mother's Day!

    Long Wait For Isabella


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