Travel Advent Calendar Sew-along Day 4

Day 4
Today we're going to create the page pockets for our Travel Advent Calendar.

First of all match up 6 pairs of pocket pieces and 1 piece of cardboard each. 

Place each pair right sides facing together, lining up the edges. Pin then around 3 edges, leaving what will be the spine of the book open - this is where you will slip in the pieces of card.

Make sure that the numbered pockets are sitting closest to the edge you will stitch and not leave open!

Stitch the 3 edges with a 3/8" seam allowance.

Once you have stitched your pocket, trim the corners, 
then turn it right sides out and slip in a piece of card.  The card should fit snugly, but you may need to trim it a little, depending how accurate you've been with your cutting and stitching. (I had to trim mine!!)

Repeat this for all 6 page pockets.
When you come to the back inside cover, you will need to add the elastic piece. 

Place it on top of your inside back pocket piece and pin securely as you cover this with your back cover piece. 

Make sure when you stitch around the edges here, run your stitching backwards and forwards over the elastic to secure it in place as this will be pulled and tugged somewhat when in use!

Once you have your cardboard inside all 6 pockets, you've finished day 4 of the Travel Advent Calendar Sew-a-long.

Come back tomorrow to finish off your Advent Calendar Book!

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