More Upcycled Reusable Christmas Cards

Yesterday I made a few more upcycled reusable Christmas cards to post to family members.

I used a pair of old jeans I got from the charity shop for $1 and fabric scraps I already had, plus cereal boxes I've been collecting for a few weeks!

I stuck to very simple designs this year, making use of Christmas fabric I had.

If you haven't seen my reusable Christmas cards before - they have this message sewn on the back so the recipient knows the idea behind the card!

They have a clear plastic pocket inside where you can slip in a piece of paper with a greeting on.

 I sent my first batch of these cards last Christmas, and I'm curious to see if this year anyone reuses them and perhaps returns one to me !?

To see the cards I made last year and a tutorial showing how to make these cards - go here.
And two more I made this year - you can see here.

Do you make your Christmas cards each year? 
What materials do you use to make yours from?

To see lots of other ideas for an eco-friendly and budget Christmas - you can visit my page:


  1. Simple is often the best, Jill. They all look great, but my favourite is the Christmas tree.

  2. These are so sweet Jill. What a lovely and creative idea :) Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays.

  3. I've been pondering on the environmental merits of Christmas cards myself this week, I love the idea of reusable ones. I wont fit making them in this year now but if I start early next year .... #HandmadeMonday


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