School uniform upcycles - Day 30 Use What You've Got

I have a pile of old school dresses from my girls that have ripped or worn through. They've been in my 'to be upcycled' pile for quite some time.

As part of my "use what you've got" challenge, I'm finally getting around to doing something with them.
A couple of weeks ago I made one mini dress for a teddy as a keepsake for my girls. Yesterday I made another for the other daughter and also a couple of other things.

Here are the teddies..

Then I made a couple of fabric denim baskets using this great tutorial from Threading My Way and a pair of kids jeans.

Then a couple of gathered round baskets using this lovely tutorial from A Spoonful of Sugar.

These little baskets are not only cute...they're reversible!!

When my girls came home from school they were very excited to see what I'd made and loved them all!

I still have a fair pile of the uniforms left to upcycle, and lots more ideas planned! Come back tomorrow to see what I make next!

So this is what I've made so far!

I'll add these to my Pinterest Uniform Upcycling board which has a few ideas - but definitely needs more!
So if you have any ideas of projects to share - do let me know!

And of course you can add any clothes upcycling project to the ongoing clothes upcycling linky which now has over 600 projects linked up!


  1. The uniform fabric is so perfect on the denim baskets! What useful little things, I love them!

    1. Thanks Mich! My girls whipped them away to their rooms the minute they spotted them and they're full of 'stuff' now!

  2. The uniform fabric is the perfect contrasting against the denim, Jill. I'm not surprised your girls loved them. Thanks for the link back.

    1. No worries Pam - I've used that tutorial a few times now!

  3. So smart!!!! Love the bear clothes!!!!


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