Door hanger reminder notes - Day 40 Use What You've Got

A couple of days ago on Facebook, Meijo's Joy shared a picture of notepads in the shape of door hangers for leaving reminder notes on. I thought they were a great idea - as I'm always looking for ways to help my kids remember what to take to school each day!

But rather than notepads - I wanted to make something that was reusable.

So I got some cardboard and coloured paper, cut the door-hanger shape from them, stuck them all together and covered them with clear contact paper (that you use for covering books).

I made one with red on one side and green on the other..

And another with blue on one side and yellow on the other.

Then I just added a board pen and a piece of fabric (from my scrap stash) for rubbing the messages out before writing new ones.

Hopefully now my girls will be able to leave themselves notes and never forget anything for school again!

I can always hope anyway! It'll certainly be a novelty for a while!

This was a great project using what I already had in the house. It cost me nothing and hopefully will be very useful!

How do you help your kids remember what to take to school each day?  I've tried all kinds of notes before -but I'm hoping this one will be successful!


  1. What an excellent use of those materials on hand! Esp love the eraser cloths.

  2. So simple, Jill, but such a great idea!! I need one attached to the front door.

    1. Thanks Pam! Yep, we've got one on our front door, but I think it we need more doorhandles there so we can have one each!

  3. This is awesome! I need a hook at eye level for myself to hang one on!!!

    1. Ha Ha - yes, an eye-level one would be good for the adults! good idea Julie!


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