Day 49 - Use What You've Got

A little slow to get today's post up - I'm in Sunday mode!!

I've just been picking things from our garden. The tomato plants all needed trimmed back - so I picked the last of the tomatoes (mostly green ones). Also a few peppers - a purple capsicum, green capsicum 2 jalapenos and a few chillis. Then finally a very colourful carrot crop!

Now to put them to good use! Some will go in salads to make them nice and colourful - but the green tomatoes I need some inspiration for!

I remember last year my mum telling me she found a recipe for green tomato cake that turned out very tasty!  I'm not sure I'm convinced I want to make a cake out of them though! I shall have to Google what to do with green tomatoes!

Any suggestions very welcome!

Are you harvesting anything tasty from your garden just now!!



  1. That's a pretty impressive harvest!! I think you can make green tomato relish or chutney but I haven't tried it. We have been getting heaps of tomatoes too. I have just made up a batch of pasta sauce with them. I haven't preserved anything before so I will be interested to see how long it will keep for in the pantry. :)

    1. Thanks Michelle! We have had lots of tomatoes this season but still not enough to cover what we go through and we've still had to buy lots. I've learned what works best with them though - so next year hopefully better again! For now - I've trimmed the plants and they all have new growth, so I'm hoping we get a second crop!! Pasta sauce sounds like a good thing to make with tomatoes! I think I'd keep it in the fridge up here - just to be safe! Hope all's well with you guys!

  2. We make green tomato chutney, but I have to admit to far preferring red tomato chutney... hoping out tomatoe's ripen!

    1. Thanks Vicky! I've found a recipe for chutney and have made a start on it!!!


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