Saturday, June 8, 2013

Upcycling Jeans - part two - using specific parts

Last week I published my first post on upcycling jeans - with lots of ideas on how to use the denim fabric.  The jeans upcycling linky party also opened and there are some great links already.
 This linky is also on the bottom of this post, so if you haven't already added your own jeans upcycling projects then please do. It's a long term linky so a great resource for all!

Now this week I wanted to show some ways to upcycle particular parts of the jeans - so making use of the structure of the clothes in what you make.

1. Using the main part - or 'body' of the jeans:

This is a great way to upcycle a pair of jeans, as it requires very little alteration other than removing the legs and it keeps all the features and pockets of the jeans intact!

Here are some examples:

2. Using the entire front or back of the jeans:

Cutting the front or back portion of the jeans and stitching the legs together gives you an unusual rectangle of fabric which can be used, perhaps like this:

3. Using the legs:

The ready made tube of the legs makes them perfect for bags and baskets:

4. Using the Pockets:

The pockets can be used for all sorts of things that require...well a pocket, or somewhere to slip your hand...

5. The leg seams:

The seams are good sturdy strips that could be re-used in many this:

I braided some seams together to use as a bag strap:

And I also use pieces of the seams when making various things I want to attach to keychains:

6. The Waistband:

A great way to reuse the waistband and also the top part of the jeans is to make them into a cute skirt:

I've also seen waistbands stitched together to make bags and rugs and even a cushion cover which look really effective!

To see pictures of these plus LOTS more fabulous jeans upcycling ideas - including denim jeans art and furniture you can check out my 

Also, take a look at the linky party below for more great ideas, and add your own too!

I hope this and last week's post have given you lots of inspiration and ideas for upcycling your jeans!

Come back next week when I'll look at ways to upcycle dresses!

Have a great weekend!


  1. thanks for hosting!
    Amazing post idea- I love jeans upcycling!!!

  2. I used to throw the seams out, but no longer. Thanks for featuring my denim baskets, Jill...

    1. You're so welcome Pam! and yes - those seams can be very useful!

  3. So many fun ideas! Thanks for showing my seamy side, Jill.

  4. Thanks for including my upcycled jeans sewing machine cover. I feel very honored!

    1. You're very welcome Patricia!! Such a cute idea!


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