Scrappy Friday - ladybugs

This week my girls had a friend sleepover here.  They were very excited about this, and I thought it would be a good excuse for me to try out a scrap project inspired by
She linked up some cute ladybugs she had made to my Monday Round Tuit linky party a couple of weeks ago, and I knew I had to try them for myself!

So I printed out the pattern, and cut a few scraps. The only thing I changed was what I stuffed them with. Oh and I didn't give them eyes either (mine are sleeping bugs who have their eyes shut!)
I'm not very good at throwing things out - and I mean anything!  This is my bag of scraps that are REALLY too small to make anything with - I chop them up a bit and use them for stuffing!

I love making things for ny 2 daughters - they love everything I make - no matter how it turns out! It's always nice to be so appreciated!
So this time it's nice to make for their friend too!
Here's the little bugs:

Exploring the Secret Garden!

Cool way to use up those scraps! Thanks for the pattern and tutorial tai!
Here's the link if anyone else wants to make some!!



  1. They are so cute, and I have plenty of scraps!

  2. Hee! Another great one using your scraps as stuffing. I do love this concept, and the bugs are dang cute!


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