One pair of shorts upcycled

For this week's clothes upcycle I decided to take just one pair of shorts and some fabric from my stash and see what I could get out of them.

The shorts were a men's pin stripe pair. A little bit worn in places but generally in good condition.

I matched the shorts up with some soft cotton doggie fabric I had.

 I made... A drawstring bag.
With some of the doggies from the co-ordinating fabric stitched to the outside and I used one of the back pocket pieces for the other side of the bag. it is lined with the doggie fabric.

I also made a notebook cover, which fits the small exercise books our kids use in school every year (they measure 22.5 x 17.5cm (9 x 7")) I used the other back pocket on the front of this cover so you could keep a pen or pencil handy with it.

I then unpicked the zip from the shorts and used that to make a small zipped pouch.

Finally I used up some scraps to make and stuff a small keyring.

This is all that's left over from the shorts now, the waistband, some scraps and a mini pocket.
I've put these away with my other clothes left over scraps for future projects.

So I'm quite pleased with what I managed to upcycle one pair of shorts into:

I think they'll make a nice little 'set' for the school carnival stall.

To see what else I've made so far from old clothes to sell at our school carnival - go here.

 I would also love if you browsed through my free sewing tutorials. There are over 100 for all levels of sewing ability. Something for everybody!



  1. My goodness you got a lot of mileage out of one pair of shorts! Charming projects!

  2. Now this makes me wish I could sew, you have made those shorts stretch so far and everything you make looks like it would be perfect as gifts. Popping by from Creative Monday but would love you to join my upcycling linky too: Trash2Treasure

    1. Thank you! And thank you for the invite to your party - I'm popping over right now!

    2. Thank you for joining me, you have inspired me with materials and trust me I don't sew so that is saying something!

    3. Ha Ha - thank you! It's one thing I hope to do is inspire people to upcycle and use what they've got!

  3. That's just adorable....each one. You are so creative. I cannot sew to save my life but if I could I would be try all these cool ideas. (found you on Lou Lou Girls Fabulous Party)

  4. That's a pretty creative use for just one pair of shorts! Any ideas on old jumpers? I seem to have loads... Thanks for the inspiration! #trash2treasure

    1. Thanks! Yes - heaps of sweater upcycle ideas here:

  5. Such a great project! You always think of amazing Ideas :)

    So creative, thanks for sharing at the Creative Mondays

  6. These are all cute projects! I really like the drawstring bag! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!!


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