Handibags for Christmas

Yesterday I looked at Christmas bags and found that there really aren't many handmade Christmas bags (other than gift bags) out there. Since there is a lot of shopping done around Christmas time this seems to be a bit of an oversight so yesterday I spent some time making some small stuffable handibags to use for Christmas shopping!

I decided to try a tutorial that I've had pinned to try for some time now - for a strawberry bag from ikatbag. It's a great little tutorial and makes for a cute stuffable bag. The tutorial is however just for the stuff pocket in the corner. I used those measurements and followed that tutorial which is nice and clear.
 For the tote itself I cut:
2 main pieces 40 x 38 cm (16 x 15")
2 straps  60 x 10 cm (23.5 x 4")

First I made one using some pretty Japanese fabric I had in my stash.

Then I made another one - but this time with a Christmas theme. I used green fabric and put a Rudolf appliqué on the front. You can download the template for that here.  

I used some scraps of Christmas fabric from my stash for the little pocket and the appliqué - and cord and a toggle from my stash too (I save every bit of cord and plastic fastenings and clips from old bags, backpacks and straps that I can!). For the appliqué I always have fusible webbing in my stash but I recently read of someone just using a plain glue stick to hold the fabric pieces in place before stitching - so that might me a budget friendly alternative if you don't have fusible webbing!

I'm really pleased with how this one turned out!

Next I made another of these bags using my eldest daughter's favourite pillowcase. 

Unfortunately has ripped and been mended one too many times and so is no longer usable as a pillowcase.

BUT - it now has a new lease of life as a handibag!

Finally I made another Christmas Handibag using my own tutorial

This bag doesn't need any cord or plastic toggle as it just stuffs into a pocket with a simple fold over flap to secure it closed.  For this one I used Christmas Fabric I was gifted a couple of years ago and still hadn't used up!

I'm pleased with my new Handibags - particularly the Rudolf Christmas one which is my favourite. Let me show you it just one more time!

I can put them all inside my new Snowman Tote Bag 

and I'm all set for Christmas Shopping!

Why not make some for yourself - avoid those plastic bags when the silly season gets here!

I also have plenty more free bag tutorials 
- just go here to take a look!


  1. These are adorable! Rudolf is my favorite too....
    but snowman tote bag is really fancy!

  2. I just love how the corner ones end up looking when stuffed! Way cute, and it seems like a great sewing project. The pillowcase one is so pretty!

    1. Aren't they just Michelle! I would make more but I'm down to my last two plastic toggle things, and really I have a LOT of handibags now, don't really need any more! :(

  3. Cute ideas - especially the reindeer! He looks sort of dorky / cute.

    Crafty Journal

  4. You know how much I loved these Jill. I so want to make them. After the wedding I think. Thanks so much for linking up to Thriving on Thursdays. It's always so great to see you. Hopefully after the wedding I'll get back to a regular linking up schedule and get 'a round tu' your party. I'm featuring this one tomorrow.

    Anne xx

    1. Thanks for the feature Anne! Much appreciated! :)


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