Earl Hill, day 91, Use What You've Got

My current challenge to 'use what you've got' has inspired us as a family to make the most of where we live.
Last Monday was a public holiday here in Queensland. We decided to have a walk up Earl Hill which is up at the beaches, just half an hours drive from our house, yet in 10 years living here we'd never been up this hill!

The view from the top was gorgeous!

If a little obscured by a bush fire!

The path was well marked and clear. No chance of taking a wrong turning here! :)

A steady uphill, but a lovely walk!

Then later in the week, we were lucky enough to have clear skies for the total lunar eclipse that turned the moon red!

I was impressed at the photos I managed to get with my little camera!
Here's what the moon looked like before the eclipse from our back patio.

Getting closer to the full eclipse.

Closer still...

And finally, the full red eclipse!

Amazing to see!

What have you seen in your part of the world this week?



  1. Nice pics, Jill.
    We too had a great view of the lunar eclipse 2500 feet up in Atherton, from our lounge room.
    Thanks for sharing. ��

    1. Thanks Emmy - it was a wonderful clear sky for the eclipse - we were lucky!


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