Serviced Sewing Machines - Day 65 Use What You've Got

Last week since we had family visitors staying in our spare room, which is also my sewing room, I thought I'd take the opportunity to have my sewing machines serviced.
I've had my sewing machine for around 10 years, and my overlocker (serger) for around 5 years. I've never had either serviced, which is probably not good since I'm pretty rough with my machines - sewing all kinds of materials with them - pool salt bags, car windscreen shades, lots of thick denim...

Anyway, they came back with only 1 note of my sewing machine plate being replaced - everything else was just a basic service.

I liked that they left small fabric scraps in the machines to show they'd tested the stitches out!

Our visitors left a couple of days ago and since then I've been catching up on housework and a couple of other things. This morning was my first chance to test my machines out.

I also used my newly sharpened scissors - sooo nice to cut with them now!
I just made a small drawstring bag (using my own tutorial)

I had an initial panic when my 'reverse stitch' button didn't work the first time I pressed it!  So I grabbed some scrap fabric and just did lots of lines of straight stitching - going forwards and backwards lots.  It worked just fine - so just a minor hiccup, that I'll keep an eye out for happening again!

All seems good. I wondered if it would 'feel' any different sewing with my machine straight after a full service but it didn't!

As far as my overlocker (serger) goes, before the service it just wasn't working, The needles kept coming unthreaded, the stitching wasn't right... so I was looking forward to trying this one out!

Thankfully - this machine did feel different! So smooth, perfect stitching and no needles unthreaded!

So my machines are now back where they should be - serviced, tested and I've put new needles in too!  
All set for some new sewing projects!

My services have a 3 month warranty on them, so I'm going to make sure and make full use of both machines in those 3 months just in case there are any issues with them!

Have you ever had your sewing machines serviced? I was told by the shop that I should have them serviced every year!  Oops!! 



  1. I have mine serviced every couple of years, usually when it's just not sewing up to the standard I like it to. It's a small expense and it's worth every dime. I had my first machine for over 15 years. I handed it off to a family member and it still runs great~

    1. Every couple of years - gosh you're good! I've given mine a good workout since the service and am really happy with it! Maybe I won't wait 10 years until the next one!


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