A little travel around Cairns - Day 63, Use What You've Got

(yarn bombed tree in Yungaburra - Atherton Tablelands)

This past week we've had family visiting and so have spent a little time doing the touristy thing and showing them a little of Cairns.

We snaffled the girls out of school one day and went strawberry picking..

We ended up with 4.5kg of strawberries, which was perhaps a little excessive - but all part of the fun, and they did all get eaten!

We also visited the botanic gardens  - which has some amazing plants, including this palm tree completely covered in cactuses!

It's good to have visitors now and again to remind you of all the beautiful and fun things to do in your area - that you may have forgotten about!

How often do you play the tourist in your local area?



  1. It is good to be reminded of things we often take for granted around us and your tour with family looks like you had fun!

    1. It was great fun Lynn - and you're right, we do tend to take things on our doorstep for granted. Visitors are great for reminding us to take time to appreciate them!


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