Macrame bracelet - first attempt!

Yesterday I tried something new. Following a video tutorial, I made a macrame bracelet.

It didn't turn out quite as it looks in the video, but I guess it's not bad for a first attempt.
I used embroidery thread and just some beads from my girls' collection.  

I'm not sure if I didn't alternated both sides equally when I threaded the beads and tied the knots (got a little distracted), or if the beads were too big, or the thread too silky?

I'm going to try more - and show my girls the video so they can try too.
Does anyone have any hints or tips?
Have you made macrame bracelets before?

Any suggestions for materials or methods would be much appreciated!



  1. That's a cutie! Love the berry-like red beads.

    1. Thanks Mich! I'm not convinced, and think I need to try some macrame without beads to get the hang of it first!

  2. This is cool. One of my fav kinds of bracelets, too!!!!!


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