One pair of jeans totally upcycled!

I finally finished upcycling the pair of jeans I first cut into at the beginning of the week.
The last 2 things I've made with it are..

A wine bottle gift bag:

Lots of patchwork here - both with the reds and the denim! And it's lined with just plain red from my scrap box.

So what to do with the last of the last of this pair of jeans..
Since I've been using the cute cat fabric on the other pieces - I figured a cat was the way to go...

A quick free-hand drawing of the outline of a cat...

Buttons for eyes, black wool for nose and a jeans seam for a tail..
Then the last scraps cut up to stuff him!

 He's a rather sombre cat I think!  Oh and I added a bell for around his neck that I'd saved from a chocolate bunny one Easter!

And that is that! One pair of jeans used up.
I have kept the remaining seams and hems to add to my stash as I can use these for keychain loops or bag handles!

My final confession is that I did have a handful of scraps that just wouldn't fit into the cat keychain, so they've been added to my tiny scraps bag for use stuffing something else later on!

So there you have it!
One pair of jeans - together with fabric, scraps and notions from my stash..

Turned into.
A Messenger Bag (with full tutorial)

Pyramid Pouches 

A fabric basket

A Wine Bottle Gift Bag

And a cat keychain

Not bad!  

What's your favourite?

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  1. Wow,1 jeans into 5things, great ideas. I love your cat fabric. Messenger bag is my favorite.


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