Cute cookies!

Every Sunday my youngest daughter bakes us some cookies.
This week, she got to try out some new cookie cutters.

She made some chocolate cookie dough and rolled it out - then the fun began!
We had Character Cutters:

And some smaller 'stamping' cookie cutters:

My eldest daughter and a friend also joined in the cutting as it was so much fun with so many different shapes to try out!

They turned out well for our first attempt - and considering how many hands were involved grabbing the cutters from all directions!

I think these small 'stamped' cookies will be great to make batches of for gifts. I'd like to make some 'green' frog ones and some white snowmen ones!

My favourite though is...

So funny to have your cookie standing up on your plate!
Brilliant for parties.

Do you have any fun cookie cutters?


  1. Hi Jill!
    I have no cookie cutters... and can bake only cakes :)
    Your daughter's cookies turned out lovely, and they look yumm too.

    1. Thank you Anna!! Yes - they are very yummy!!

  2. I never seem to back anything including cookies. But those are so cute now I want to.

    1. Ha Ha! Thank you - yes they are very cute!


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