Shirt upcycled to apron and pouches

At the moment I'm looking at ways to upcycle shirts. 

I only had one shirt in my clothes upcycling pile and here's what I chose to make with it:

Here's the shirt:

I used the bulk of the shirt to make this cute frilly apron:

I got the idea and the great how-to from the book 
ReCraft by Sara Duchars and Sarah Marks

There wasn't much left of the shirt after that, but I did have both cuffs still intact so made these cute little pouches:

The idea for these I got from a post on Family Chic a couple of years ago.
These are super simple to make - simply cut off the cuff, then with the button still fastened, flatten the cuff with the button almost at the top like this:
Then unbutton and lift the flap and stitch together down both sides! Done!
What a brilliant idea - and the pouches fit small pens, or perhaps could be used as a little money or sweetie purse!

Have you upcycled any shirts?


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