Birthday Gift Pencil Case

My youngest daughter has another birthday party to go to this weekend (what a great social life my kids have - much busier than my own!). 
So I made pencil case for the birthday girl (that is the gift of choice for friends this year!)

Its just a basic lined pencil case - with the name appliqued to the front.

I love the blue fabric I used for the name - it's shiny and sparkly (and very messy to sew with!)

But I do love the look of it!

Now we just need to get some pens and pencils etc to fill it up with!

Do you make gifts for birthdays? Do you end up making the same things for all friends each year, then choosing a different gift each year like me? Or do you make something different each time?


  1. That sparkly fabric cracks me up! I have to try that sometime. Makes the applique extra special!

    1. Thanks Niki! I have all sorts of sparkly fabrics in my stash from when my daughters did dancing! Love being able to use them and add a bit of sparkle here and there!

  2. Hi Jill

    You have a nice blog. I hopped in here for the first time and i liked your blog. And I must say you are very talented. Lovely pencil pouch. The b'day girl would love it! Very neat too.

    Good day

  3. wow you are the coolest mom ever Jill...instead of going to the easy route and buy something you actually created a personalized cuteness! Oh did I mention that my birthday is next month...just sayin.. ;) ;)

    1. Thanks Lizbeth! I could endlessly make these pencil cases - I have such fun choosing the fabrics for them!


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