Crochet amigurumi polar bear

I've been practising my crochet a little bit more and made this little polar bear!

I think he's rather cute - and was nice and easy to make.
Thanks to Elisabeth for the suggestion to use a paper clip as a stitch marker, I found counting my rows much easier that last time when I  made a ducky with uneven sized limbs!!

I also got some big chunky wool and a couple of very chunky crochet hooks that my daughter and I have been playing around with.
My daughter loves the chunky soft feel of the wool and has been busy making things for her toys!

Some simple chains to start with..

That soon turned into..

A hammock..

 Snug as a bug sleeping bag...

and the comfiest bed ever..

I just sat and practised while watching tv, and ended up with this..
Could be a very wide scarf, or a small blanket! It's not very even, but very cosy!

Polar bear likes it anyway..

I'm enjoying playing around with crochet - and seeing my daughter get creative with it!

What new skills are you learning and practising?


  1. How pretty!
    You are talented!

  2. That little polar bear is quite the little sweetie!

    1. Thanks Michele - he's been snaffled by my girls - so I'll take that as a compliment from them! :)


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