Weekend clothes upcycling - a new plan and challenge

As part of my renewed focus and drive to grow my blog, I've decided to delve further into the world of clothes upcycling.
As you may know, I have a clothes upcycling linky party, which now has over 600 projects and ideas linked up.

This resource is constantly growing and is a great source of inspiration.
However, what I would like to build up is another resource where you can easily look up types of clothing and get ideas and inspiration of what to do with that particular item of clothing.  For example you may have a favourite t-shirt that has finally worn through and is no longer really wearable, but you still can't bear to part with it......so then you could search this resource for ideas for upcycling t-shirts.

So week by week I'm going to research and collect all the information I can find about upcycling particular items of clothing. Then I'll collate each post together on an easy to navigate page so each post is easy to find for future reference.

I'm also going to do a ruthless cull of my own wardrobe, and use the information I find to help me upcycle my own clothing, so I will have some extra examples of the ideas and inspiration put into practice!

To keep me accountable and make sure this resource gets made - here's the plan - week by week and clothing item by clothing item.
A post each week on Saturdays.

1st - jeans
 8th - jeans part 2
 15th - dresses
 22nd - dresses - part 2
29th - tank tops

6th - swimwear
13th - t-shirts
20th - t-shirts part 2
27th - skirts

3rd - shirts
10th - shirts part 2
17th - underwear
24th - trousers / pants
31st - baby clothes

7th - pyjamas
14th - hats / caps
21st - shoes
28th - shoes part 2

5th - sweaters
12th - shorts
19th - socks
26th - leggings

2nd - track pants
9th - jackets
16th - scarves
23rd - belts
30th - cardigans

As you can see, these posts will start in June - giving me a little time to start researching and making them as packed full of information and ideas as I can. 
If you notice any items of clothing that I've missed - or you have ideas or projects that you'd like me to feature or include in these posts then please leave me a comment, or email me (you can find my contact details here).

Next week I'll post any revisions and or additions to this plan!

So for now - I'm off to clear out my wardrobe and see what items of clothing I have to work with - and also start searching the internet for even more ideas and inspiration!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend - and that you'll come back each Saturday to join me in exploring the fascinating world of clothes upcycling even more!


  1. Replies
    1. I hope so Michelle! I've even got my husband to clear his wardrobe out too! :)

  2. This is a neat idea! Might be fun to add a linky to each week so others could add what they've made with that particular item too? Have a great weekend:@)

    1. That's a great idea for a linky - I think I'll do that too!

  3. This is so awesome! And it will take us through all the seasons of clothing. :) Thanks in advance for doing this, because I have a TON of clothing that could probably use a little love.

    1. Thanks Diane! I've tried to mix up the clothing with winter and summer clothing as everyone is in different climates around the world at different times! But hopefully in the end I'll have covered everything!

  4. This is wonderful idea, Jill!Can I put and my upcycling projects, like link party, will be great!
    have a good luck with this and amazing weekand!

    1. Thanks Anastasia - and yes I will add a linky and hope everyone adds their own ideas too!

  5. What a big project! Sounds fantastic, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    1. Thanks Christie - I'm excited about it, it's going to be fabulous!


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