Crocheting a granny square in My Creative Space

This year I'm learning to crochet together with my youngest daughter (aged 7).

We've been practising with our basic stitches - chain, slip stitch and double crochet - just playing around with them, creating and getting the hang of the hook and wool.

We've made lots of friendship bracelets:

And also lots of ugly little amigurumi monsters - with wonky eyes, lots of missed and extra stitches - but it's been fun to have actually 'made' things, even though our skills are very basic and we're still learning!

My daughter particularly liked playing with adding beads.

It's been good to just practise but I'm now just realising that I can understand (sort of) basic crochet patterns  - which at the beginning of the year when I started out were completely alien and unintelligible to me!

So I decided it was time to focus a bit and see if I can make something with a bit more order to it!

Here's my first try at a granny square:

It's a bit round for a square I know-  but at least you can make out a shape and a kind of pattern in it!

At least I'm starting to get the basic concept of how a granny square is formed - I think I just need some more practise - and probably to try a few more tutorials to find one that speaks to ME! - I find that with something I don't get straight away.  If I have several different people try to explain it to me, then eventually I get it - either as a result of repetition, or perhaps it is finding one that explains it just a little bit differently and my brain finally grasps the concept!
I used to feel like that in my physics lessons at school - but with persistence I always got there in the end!

So - any links to granny square tutorials would be gratefully received.

If you've never crocheted before - then do take a look at my 2 crochet videos - the first is the basic chain and making friendship bracelets, and the second adds slip stitch and double crochet and then shows you how with these basic skills you can play around and make a crazy little monster while you practice! 
It may seem odd that I'm a complete beginner but decided to make a video to show others how to crochet. 
Well - I wanted to have a go at making videos - and I like to encourage others to try things . 
I believe that anyone can do anything they want to - they just have to have the courage to try, make mistakes and not worry about perfection!
My daughter also likes that she can watch the video whenever she wants to help her practice - she doesn't need to wait until I have time to sit with her!

So there you have my crochet journey so far!  I'm going to keep on practising and trying tutorials, and encouraging my daughter to keep  it up too! 

Are you learning any new crafts or skills this year?



  1. Hello Jill,
    Lovely post, keep crocheting I think you are doing fine.
    Maybe this is a good tutorial:
    It has beautiful pictures you can use as a guideline.
    Good luck with it!

    1. Thanks Elisabeth - and thanks for the link - I shall try that out!

  2. The secret is in practice, I congratulate you on your two videos and for persevering. To make a granny square, for me, the secret is in the tension that you give to wool and verify that the number of stitches that go in the middle and in the corners is correct. If you type in Google "How to Crochet a Granny Square" you're going to find a lot of tutorials. You're learning crochet, I'm learning to knit with two needles .... WE have to practice, practice and practice!!!!! I loved your videos!!!!!
    Marisa:) from

    1. Thanks Marisa! Keep on with your knitting - and pretty soon we'll both be experts with needles and wool!!

  3. When I first started my granny squares always turned out round too. I don't know what changed but I can successfully crochet a granny square now, so keep on practicing and you'll get there too.

    1. Thanks Fay! Good to know I'm not the only one to make circular squares! I'll keep practising!

  4. so gorgeous that miss 7 has been able to do this with you. I don't think I have the patience but I would love to learn to crochet!!!


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