Full Solar Eclipse Cairns

Here in Cairns we just experienced a full solar eclipse!  
Very impressive and exciting!
The last one we had in Cairns was in 710AD and the next one here won't be until 2237!
So it's kind of special that we are here for this!
(this photo above was just taken with my small digital camera at full totality!)

We bought special viewing glasses which enabled us to watch the progress of the moon across the sun. Through the sunnies the sun appeared like an orange ball, and you could clearly see the curve of the edge of the moon as it slowly covered the sun.

Then as it reached total eclipse everything went dark for around 2 minutes - just like a moonlit night!

And as this post goes live, we're still in our back garden with the special sunnies on watching the moon slowly work its way off the sun again on the other side.

Last year, our eldest daughter studied the phases of the moon at school - she remarked that it's like watching the phases of the moon speeded up!

How cool!

Have you ever seen a total solar eclipse?

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  1. I have to say that this was an awesome event. The fact that it was literally in our backyards made it even more exciting. Great photo Jill.


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