Another birthday gift

My youngest daughter has a birthday party to go to this afternoon, so I whipped up a little gift for the birthday girl.
My brief was that her favourite colour is orange - but she also likes blue, and she loves pens and pencils etc.
Oh - and she's a big fan of our local basketball team - the Taipans!

So - I pulled out some fabric from my stash - plus a pair of jeans from my upcycling pile...

And made a pencil case!
Nice furry letters for her name, and a keyring with the basketball team's name on (cut from a foam supporters hand we had from a match we watched a couple of years ago - see I knew it was worth keeping and I'd need it one day!!)

Some cute Japanese fabric for the lining to add some colour and interest there...

And we can stop at the shops after school to buy a few bits and pieces to fill it up with!

A nice, quick, personalised gift!

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