Backpack repurposing project

As you may know, I decided it was time to do something with my pile of broken backpacks that I have been hoarding for several months (some for years!).
Yesterday I showed my first project, when I turned this:

Into this bike pack for my daughter:
For the bike pack, I kept the bottom half of the backpack intact, cut off the top and restitched various pieces and straps to make it fit! And of course added the pretty pink doggie at the front (from an old pair of pyjamas!)

Today I want to show you my second project.
This time I used this backpack - with broken zip..

First I deconstructed the whole thing into parts:

And then reconstructed them into.. holders for my daughter's paintbrushes!
A long pouch for the long brushes..(using an old shoe lace for the tie at the top)

And a roll up pouch for the smaller brushes..

And here they are both together - full of paintbrushes!
(Until now the brushes have all been loose in a box with the paints and other bits and bobs!  I'm trying to tidy that up into a more organised painting container!!) 

What do you think??

Come back tomorrow when I'll show you the next backpack and what I've done with that!

Hope you're all having a great day!



  1. I'm loving the roll for the paintbrushes. Very handy! Great thinking : )

  2. I am thinking you are brilliant!! Great job.

  3. FANTASTIC! Loving the bike basket and the pencil wraps. Your are so clever!

  4. Great idea. I love to find new ways to extend usefulness.

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  7. The bike bag is fabulous! And the brush caddies are amazing!! They are perfectly suited to the task at hand. Nice!!!

  8. These are such nifty thrifty that bike pack!


  9. Very cool ideas--I'm impressed!

    I'm just popping in from the Tuesday hop. Great blog! I'm now a follower. Stop by when you get a chance.

    living well, spending less

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  12. Ah ha! This is kind of genius, I must say. Excellent repurposing! Also very cute!

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  14. Those are some awesome repurposing projects! I love the little pack for your daughter's bike. Great blog! I am a new follower from Tuesday Tag a longs! Stop by when you get a chance:

  15. Hi! I'm your newest follower. Wonderful post... you are so resourceful!!!!

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  18. SO cool. Backpacks are just not one of those things that ever came to mind to repurpose like into anything but a backpack, lol. Gosh how amazing, and seems pretty simple. Thanks for the idea, and I would LOVE if you came by to share this at my weekly party **Amaze me August**. I love your blog, and am your newest follower. Thanks Jill,,, Bella ~~

  19. What a great thing to repurpose! I'm way impressed!


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