Backpack repurposing continued - project 3!

So the work continues on finding new uses for old broken backpacks!!

So far I've made a bike pack for my daughter.
And a paintbrush roll, and paintbrush bag from two of the backpacks.

Today I finished of project 3 with the third backpack.  This time I used the soft padded part from the back of the pack.  But what did I make?

Well first I have to admit to being a bit of a karaoke lover - so much so that we have our own karaoke machine in our living room:

Earlier this year, my parents bought us some cordless microphones for it (pesky wires kept getting in the way of grooving while we were singing!!
Now these have been stored in their orignial cardboad box on the floor next to the karaoke machine..

Out of the way and safe in their padded box, but not exactly pretty - and I've also been concerned as, living in the tropics, we do have lots of friendly cockroaches who just LOVE to nest in cardboard boxes...

So, my third backpack was cut up and transformed into...

Snug padded cases for our microphones!!

And with the help of some strong sicky velcro.. they can be kept neatly on the side of the karaoke machine itself..

Perfectly neat and ready for action - and another backpack successfully repurposed!!

Now I've just got scraps to use up 
(2 of the backpacks I deemed possible to fix up and use as...well...backpacks!)
Do come back tomorrow to see what my next broken backpack repurpose project is!



  1. Very cool! The microphones and the snuggie for them!! Love it!

  2. Another great one! You have a karaoke machine in your living room? Can I come over?


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