Friday, February 19, 2016

Single, Double, Half-Double and Triple Crochet - more learning

After my success last week feeling like I'd mastered Granny Squares, I wanted to keep learning and try something different this week.

I browsed through my Crochet Pinterest board - which is full of so many amazing things that I hopefully will one day be able to make!

First I tried this pattern to make a simple daisy (the yellow flower in the picture above). Then I tried a star using this pin (the link won't work but the pictures on the pin are pretty clear). Finally I tried a heart using this pattern.

I think they all turned out ok. I had to look up triple crochet and half-double crochet, but I understand them all now. They all seem to be basically the same basic 'stitch' but different number of times to yarn over and pull through a different number of loops depending on the length and size of finished 'stitch' you want.

So far the biggest problem I have is knowing where to put my hook into to start each stitch. If anyone has any hints or tips for learning this I'd much appreciate it!


  1. Learn by doing!
    Mayby you find some small and easy projects that gives you a proud feeling of having finished something. Like a garland! (made of all kinds of first projects flowers, stars etc)

    1. OOh what a good idea! I think I might just do that! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Jill, I think you are doing very well. As for learning technique, I have found that there are some really good Youtube tutorials for learning all sorts of crochet stitches and techniques. I have been crocheting, off and on, for most of my life and I still have questions sometimes. I learned the Tunisian method of crochet, mainly by watching Youtube videos a couple of years ago. In Tunisian crochet, the finished projects look a lot like knitting. I like the idea of watching someone else doing a craft and you can play the same bit of a video over and over until you understand it.This would be a good place for you to see, up close, where to place your hook to start a particular stitch. In some stitches you need to go through the front of a chain, some through the back, etc., depending on what the instructions (pattern) states. It looks as if you are coming along very nicely with your learning any way!

    1. Thanks Lynn. I am finding that videos really help - I think I'll try more of those! :)


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