Happy New Year 2015

A new year and a new plan.
This year is going to be AMAZING!

After starting "Use What You've Got" last year, I'm going to continue that but on a bigger more ambitious scale!

I'm continuing to declutter my house and I have to say a LOT of space is taken up with fabric, notions and clothes to be upcycled.

So, this year I'm going to use it all up!

Yep - you heard right, I'm aiming to use up my stash! Not just 'Stashbusting September', not just make a dent in it, over the whole year I'm going to - USE IT UP!

There are 2 parts to my challenge for this year:

1. Clothes Upcycling
I collected a large collection of clothing from my daughters' school carnival last year with the idea that I'd upcycled them all into bags, toys, pouches etc to sell at this year's carnival in October.

So those clothes are in these chest of drawers and also the bags in front. I'm going to work through one drawer every 2 months from February onwards.

I also have some of my own stash which I can add to this challenge, or the next one!

2. Use up my fabric and notion stash
 These boxes hold most of my fabric stash. They are bursting at the seams, and there are also a couple of bags and a large roll of fabric next to them!

Then these smaller boxes have my smaller fabric scraps in - colour coded.

This is a lot of my notions, buttons, zips and all sorts of other bits and pieces I've saved over the years.

More pockets full of fabric, clothes, trinkets and things I've saved to use creatively!

Basically our spare room built in wardrobes are full of my fabric and clothes upcycling stash.
It's time to stop collecting and saving and start using!

So - to use up my fabric stash, I'm going to make things using my own tutorials - including some new ones. What I make I will either use for ourselves if it's things we need, try to sell, or give as gifts.

I'm also going to use this as an opportunity to try out lots of other tutorials - starting with things I've pinned on my

I also have a pile of old sewing magazines and books with plenty of things to make in them than I need to use and try:

So there you have it!
Ambitious - it's going to be lots to get through in a year, but I love a good challenge!

I hope you'll follow along, I'll be posting all about the things I make and my slowly shrinking stash!  It all starts in February when the holiday ends and the girls go back to school  for the year!

Have you got any big plans or goals for the year?

I hope 2015 brings all you hope, wish and strive for!



  1. Dear Jill, that´s a really big aim! But you are right: it´s "time to stop collecting and start using" and I will sure follow your challenge - trying to continue the same way here with my stuff.
    All the best for 2015!

    1. Hi there - and Happy New Year! Just back from holidays now and getting to answering comments and emails! Yep I've set myself a HUGE challenge this year, but I'm ready for it and can't wait to get stuck into it! All the best for you too in 2015!

  2. That is a great plan for your new year year. I'm planning on decluttering and getting organised this year too, but I doubt I'll use all my stash... I like to make sure I have plenty on hand for last minute fancy dress creations and gifts! Off to browse your Pinterest board for inspiration now... have a happy new year :)

    1. HI there! Happy New Year to you too! Good luck with your decluttering this year too!


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