Eco-Friendly Upcycled Shopping Bags - make a difference!

Most of last year for me was spent working on producing this
 e-book which comprises 5 patterns/tutorials for making Upcycled Eco-friendly shopping bags.

The amount of plastic bags we go through each day and that you subsequently see flying around the streets and floating in rivers and the sea is saddening.  I have myself tried to eliminate our household use of plastic bags, gradually replacing them with reusable fabric ones. 

This e-book is the culmination of several years of making and adapting things to provide convenient, practical yet stylish shopping bags that will reduce our impact on the environment.

I've made the sewing tutorials as simple, clear and photo-laden as possible to enable even a confident beginner sewer to try them all.

The book is priced at just the cost of a cup of coffee (AUD$3.99) 

So why not grab a copy today and reduce your own use of plastic bags when shopping this year.

Go here to buy my e-book for just $3.99

Thank you for your support!

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