Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Use what you've got - gift wrapping

Last weekend we were invited to a Christening and a Wedding.
It was a stunning sunny day, and the beach wedding was just beautiful - under the palm trees at the water's edge..

We bought the gifts to take - a cute cuddly dragon for the baby, and some Champagne and glasses for the happy couple.
But how to wrap them?
I didn't want to buy any wrapping paper that would then be thrown away. I like to wrap gifts in a more eco-friendly way and use something that can be part of the gift itself.

So, I had a look through my fabric stash - wanting to

'Use what I've got'

For the cuddly dragon, I found a piece of cute baby fabric.

I cut a large rectangle and finished the edges off by double turning and stitching all the way around.

The fabric is cotton sheeting, and the size I cut is around cot size, so the Mum can use it as an extra sheet for the baby or just a cloth.
To wrap the dragon I just tied the 4 corners of the fabric around the  dragon and added a ribbon and card.

Next was the wine and glasses - already in nice presentation boxes.
I found some perfect fabric in my stash - dark blue with glasses of bubbly printed on it in gold. And some matching shiny gold fabric too.

This time I decided to make a drawstring bag to put the gifts in.

Again I tied a card and ribbon to the bag.

Definitely a better way to wrap gifts than throw away paper!

How do you wrap your gifts? 


  1. What great ideas, a fantastic way to use those silly amounts of fabric that are always left at the end of projects! I will be doing this the next time I need to wrap something.

    1. Thanks Alison! I'm definitely wrapping all my gifts with fabric this year!

  2. Two great ways to wrap gifts, Jill. Wrapping the baby gift in a cot sheet is clever, yet so simple!

  3. Perfect:) Will I get my sewing machine for tomorrow's b'day party gift?!

  4. Great ideas,Jill!Thanks for sharing!


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