Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Upcycling jeans again - another Birthday gift

The first birthday party of the year is in a few days, so I had to think of something new to make for my daughters' friends again this year.

This time I made a small bag and matching notebook cover. I used my bag tutorial here and my notebook cover tutorial here.
This year I'm focusing using what I've got - so making the most of the 100+ tutorials I've already made!

Of course you know I love upcycling, so thought I'd use an old pair of jeans for some of the fabric - and matched it up with other fabric from my stash.

The bag turned out really cute..

I used a notebook from a stash of them I bought in the January sales, and included a pen in the jeans pocket on the front.

The notebook just slips into the cover, so once it's used up it can be replaced with a fresh one.

Hope the girl likes her birthday set!. I think I'm going to make up a few to have prepared for upcoming birthdays - and will add them to my Madeit shop in the meantime.

What are you making for birthday gifts this year? 


  1. Who would not love this as a gift??? Great stuff. I like the pretty stitching design on the pocket of those jeans!

  2. Beautiful!!! I have been making drawstring backpacks for kids' presents -- kids always love them!

    1. Thanks Niki! Oh yes, drawstring backpacks are a definite favourite with kids here too! I did those one year as well!

  3. I love the fact you have combined the mag with notebook as a co-ordinations gift, looks great:)

  4. Great project, Jill!
    Have a nice week!

  5. Wow! What an upcycling this time!Really like it. I think that not only girls but even older girls would like to have such bag and a notebook cover among their accessories. Well done, Jill, as usual!

    1. Thank you!! Yes, as my girls get older I have to make less 'cutesy' things and more grown up things. I'd like one of these notebooks for myself!! :)


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