Saturday, July 27, 2013

Upcycling skirts

This week I'm looking at skirts and what can be done to upcycle them.


For me, the first thing I would think of to make from a skirt is a bag because a skirt's shape is well suited to this.

Here's a bag I made from one of my daughter's old skirts that no longer fitted her:

This was a nice simple upcycle - as I just needed to stitch the bottom of the skirt closed ( it was already a lined skirt - so produced a nice lined bag). Then added straps and embellishments!

Here are some other bags that people have made from skirts:

This one from Blissful and Domestic:

Here's even a great Youtube video by GiannyL on how to convert and old skirt into a bag!

 (GiannyL has several great videos showing clothes upcycles!

Now some other things made from skirts:

Second Chances By Susan came up with these great refashions of skirts into a top and a dress:

And here - All Things Reconsidered repurposed some old skirts into tablecloths!

A few more skirt upcycling projects can be found on on my 

And to see other ideas for upcycling clothing item by item
 - go here
I'm exploring a new item each week.

Or browse through the over 600 links we have in the ongoing Clothes Upcycling party. Take a look for some inspiration or add your own projects to inspire others.

Happy Upcycling!


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