Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Finger Knitting

My daughter and I are continuing to explore working with wool. We've done lots of crochet practice and experiments, and also tried French Knitting.
Next to try was some finger knitting!

I watched a Youtube video to see how it was done and then showed my daughter who took to it straight away!

She chose to just use 2 fingers as that was easier than 4 which I had showed her with; and with some funky thick wool she just sat back and knitted, and knitted, and knitted..

Until her wool ran out!
The resulting 10 meter rope was played with for hours after that!!!

I can see lots of fun to be had with this finger knitting. I've seen these types of long 'ropes' then used to make chunky blankets!
I'll have to investigate this further!!

Have you tried finger knitting?
Any suggestions for projects to try?
It's great fun - if you haven't yet you should give it a go!


  1. Not yet, but it's on my list of crafts to explore! I think it would be easier on my wrists than regular knitting. The rope your daughter made is so pretty and would make a very nice loopy scarf or chunky necklace. :)

    1. Yes you're probably right about it being easier on your wrists! You should give it a go! Chunky wool seems to be good for it!

  2. Your daughter is so creative. My daughter love finger knitting too. Last Christmas she made a bunch of her friends scarves.

    1. Thanks Brandi! I think my daughter will be making presents for her friends this year too!

  3. I have to admit, I'm an adult and I love to finger knit. I turned out a great infinity scarf doing this! It was fun, portable (love that) and quick. In less than an hour I made a scarf that looped three times. Another way to use this would be a small carpet for a little girl's room, or what I am going to do is make blankets using t-shirt yarn for my boys. I even thought about trying a short stretch of it for a headband that has the strip of elastic sewn in at the back.

    1. Some great ideas there thank you!! And I hadn't thought of using t-shirt yarn for finger knitting - brilliant!


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