Giant fabric origami bag

One of my most popular tutorials is for this fabric origami bag:

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a lot of pageviews on my blog coming to view this tutorial from a forum in Holland.  When I went to look at the forum, I found a picture of a larger version of this bag.  Unfortunately, although I bookmarked the page, it now won't show up in my browser, so I can't credit the inspiration behind my own larger version of this bag!

I used some pretty fabric that my girls chose.

Then I simply followed my own tutorial for this bag, but cut the fabric 80cm (approx 31.5") square.  Then instead of drawstring ribbon, I cut 2 strips of the outer fabric, 118 x 10cm (46.5 x 4"); double folded them lengthwise and top-stitched to hide any raw edges; then threaded one through each side of the bag casing and stitched each strap together in a loop.

I'm really pleased with the result:

I think it would make a great beach bag, or just general tote!

I also had some fun playing around with the effects I can use on my new birthday camera...

I've only had my camera for 2 days, but haven't had a chance to explore all it can do yet!  Looks like it might save me some time editing the photos on the computer, with all these cool effects on the camera itself! Can't wait to get snapping!

Have you ever tried any fabric origami?  This bag is very simple to make - equally easy large or small.
For the tutorial so you can make one for yourself - go here!


  1. I have made a few of the origami bags for friends, but I think it's finally time to make one for myself. I love the idea of a giant one!!! Count me in. : )

    1. Thanks Niki! They are great bags - I might make a few different sizes now - they'd be great for giving gifts in!

  2. It's a great design, love the large version!

  3. Fantastic idea to make this pattern large, your bag looks terrific.

    1. Thanks Merry! I think I'll try a few different sizes for this bag - it worked out really well!

  4. I can see why this is such a popular tutorial. So different and pretty! It upsized very nicely too Jill!


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