Crocheting onto objects

Last week I stumbled across a great little tutorial for making crochet picture frames over at Lola Nova, by crocheting onto a basic bracelet.

Now I have two daughters who have recently grown out of all their bright plastic jewellery - leaving me with a large collection like this:

I've kept them knowing that one day I'll find some use for them - and this just seemed perfect!

So I gave it a go..

It was quite easy to crochet around the bracelet - although my stitches weren't very even - with some looser than others! I only did the basic first layer over the bracelet, the tutorial has further layers to make the 'frame' wider.
But knowing how easy the basic idea is - this is definitely something I will play around with. I showed it to my daughter and she picked it up very quickly. She's been practising and has started attaching them to keyrings and bags, and also making them for her friends!

I tried again using the whole tutorial and ended up with this...

I'm very pleased with it - especially since it's the first whole crochet pattern I've managed to follow!! Still not perfect, but I'm excited nonetheless!!

It's also got me looking around the house wondering what else I can crochet onto?

Any suggestions anyone? What have you creatively crocheted onto?


  1. Pretty... like the last picture there. Matching shades!

  2. How fun that looks! Thanks for the link and showing it can be done by someone just beginning. I love the 2-tone one! And cool that your daughter is making them in multiples for friends.

    1. Thanks Mich! I'm really starting to enjoy this crochet business!


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