Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One pair of jeans upcycled to all this...

From 1-24th Dec I give to you my blog advent calendar.
Each day you can click on the numbered 'door' to 'open' it and find some Christmas upcycled/recycled goodness!


This year I've been making some Christmas gifts from an old pair of jeans.  I've managed to use up almost the entire pair of jeans. Here's what I made...

First I made a Lesa Bag - which took up most of the fabric of the jeans. I used part of an old dressing gown for the bag lining.

Then I made a pair of pot holders from the back pockets:

Then a personalised pencil case from the remaining large leg parts:

A key-chain pouch from the last flat part of fabric:

Then finally I stitched the scraps together, braided the seams to form a handle, 

and again used part of that old dressing gown for the lining, and made another small bag:

Now all I have left is some left over seams,
Which I save for hanging loops of key-chain loops like this:

And the very last tiny scraps which I admit I threw out (gasp!!) I know - I probably should have kept them for stuffing something..or other.....

Not bad for just one old pair of jeans!
Here's another look at the final result:

I'm pretty pleased with that! 
What do you think? What have you made from old jeans?

You can go here to see lots more ideas for upcycling old jeans - or look in the Clothes Upcycling linky where there are hundreds of ideas for upcycling old clothes - and more being added all the time!

Happy Upcycling!


  1. Wow! That's very impressive! Well done! XD


  2. I love the braided seam handle! You are a thrifty magician indeed.

  3. Great going, Jill... very impressive. Clever use of the seams!!! Never would have thought of that in a million years.

  4. Wow these are some darling projects. Great job! Thanks for sharing on "i Gotta Try That"


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