Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Upcycled denim jeans to pencil case

From 1-24th Dec I give to you my blog advent calendar.
Each day you can click on the numbered 'door' to 'open' it and find some Christmas upcycled/recycled goodness!


I made another birthday gift this week for one of my daughter's friends.
I still had some denim left over from the jeans I used to make her swim coach a Lesa Bag

So I used this to make a pencil case:

With the birthday girl's name on the front..
And cute little doggies on the inside!

Hope she likes it!


  1. Cute! I have several pairs of jeans I'm thinking of recycling- I just don't love sewing denim so I've been stalling...Great upcycle.

  2. Jill, This pencil case is really cute!!!!!
    I love the fabric lining. Nice job!


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