Christmas yoyo wreath tutorial

I have a simple tutorial for you for a Christmas decoration made using just fabric scraps:

All you need is some fabric scraps in some festive colours.  I used some green from an old t-shirt and red scraps left over from a dress I made.

First you need to cut some circles.  One thing I love about making yo-yos is that your circles don't have to be perfect - and your fabric doesn't even have to be ironed!!  My circles were around 10cm (4") in diameter.

Then take a needle and thread, and stitch a long running stitch around the edge of the circle folding the outside edge of the fabric in a little as you stitch.

Once you've stitched all the way around, pull the thread and your circle will draw up into a small pouch.
Cut up the leftover scraps of fabric after cutting your circle and stuff them into the pouch before drawing it completely closed with the thread and stitching it closed.

Repeat this until you have 10 puffy yo-yos. 

Once you have 10 puffy yo-yos, take a larger needle and thick thread or wool.  Thread all the yo-yos onto the thread or wool in the order you want them, then loop the thread back on itself and secure to form your circular wreath.

Tie a loop of ribbon or coloured cord around the wreath to hang it with.
And add any embellishments you want. I stitched on a ribbon bow I had in my stash!

Then find the best place to hang your finished wreath!

For the downloadable PDF version of this tutorial, click here.

For lots more ideas of things to make for Christmas that are eco and budget friendly, check out my pageL


  1. Jill, I love this project, ideal to use our fabric scraps and turn them into something original for Christmas. Your wreath is beautiful. Thanks for the tutorial. Marisa-

  2. Belle queste coroncine utili anche per riciclare tutti gli avanzi di altri lavori,complimenti.Ciao Maria.


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