Halloween themed murder mystery party

At the weekend, we hosted this murder mystery party. We've had a couple before and they are great fun! Everyone gets to dress up in a theme - play a role and throughout the evening reveal clues and facts about themselves and what has happened and everyone tries to guess who the murderer is!
We always have fun with the decorations and this year's halloween themed party was no exception!

I've been pinning ideas for a while now - here's some of the things I did for our party:

Spider decorations..
We had lots of these around the walls, door and in some bushes and trees! They looked really effective..

Then we had some ghosts made from white plastic bags and hung up in the breeze..

Mummy jar lights:

And then some snacks..

 Basically baby carrots with shards of almonds stuck to the top with cream cheese for the fingernails!

Eyeballs, I used marshmallows with blue smarties and coloured icing.

And finally some fingers..
 I made them a bit too fat!!  They looked better before I baked them..

Overall it was a fantastic party. And here's a rare picture of me - dressed up as Glumda - the wicked witch of the De-pressed!

It was such a fun party!
And there's plenty of inspiration there for Halloween itself too!!
Have you ever hosted or been to a murder mystery party?  If you haven't I would definitely recommend them as a fun way to spend an evening with friends!


  1. Hosting a murder party is definitely on my to-do list

    Your eyeballs are wonderfully disgusting - love them!

  2. Hee, Glumda is funny - hope the party cheered her up! I think the baby carrots were the creepiest!

  3. What a fantastic party, nice decorations & food! That really looks like a fun party!

  4. I absolutely love all the creative food ideas! The eyeballs are great!

  5. Looks like a wonderful event.

    We did the Roman one and I also wrote a Star Wars one - both were fun. Reading about yours makes me want to do one again. It's just a bit harder now that we have small children. They don't understand it's a grown up game.

  6. oh my gosh, how fun! i've gone to one at a restaurant, but never hosted one. i would tho!

  7. Some super ideas here! I'll definitely be borrowing some of these for Hallowe'en! :)

  8. I want to do this. Sounds and looks like it was very fun! Thanks for sharing on my linky party!


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