4 Things to make with Faux Fur

A few years ago I started making these cute little furry creatures, which I called Little Jems.  

They are made from a section of drainpipe covered in faux fur scraps, and can be used for holding all kinds of little trinkets,  or perhaps as a desk tidy, or even a novelty can holder!

This in turn led to more sewing with faux fur, and a house full of fluff flying everywhere as I sewed!!

I then found other things to sew with the faux fur. Pretty much anything I made was a hit with kids, and I have to admit to having lots of fun choosing from the amazing range of colours and patterns of faux fur you can buy!!
Here are some of the things I made - with tutorials in case you want to try making your own!!

And Furry Animal Backpacks.

And last but not least I even made a furry fabric drinks holder for myself!!

Have you ever sewn with faux fur??
What have you made?

If you like the look of any of these sewing tutorials, why not check out all my other ones? There are over 150 Free Sewing tutorials available on My Free Sewing Tutorials Page.


  1. Not so much my thing and I don't have any faux fur, but your projects made me smile and I can see how they might appeal to kiddies. Great job on creating these furry "creatures"!

    1. Thanks Rochelle! My girls are getting older now, but they still have a soft spot for furry things!! So they're still on my radar for now!!


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