Upcycle that Sleepwear

Over the years, I have managed to upcycle quite a lot of sleepwear, and have found some great projects that other people have made too. Here's a round up of some great ideas on how to upcycle sleepwear that you've grown out of or has become worn!

I used the front of a pair of PJs to spruce up a bike bag I made for my daughter one year!

I also used a pair of PJ pants and a pair of old jeans together to make a bag for my daughter.

And there was the Hello Kitty Nightie that was saved and used on an upcycled lunch bag!

And of course the fabric origami bags I have made from old nighties.

For these and more ideas - I have a 

Pinterest Board for upcycling sleepwear ideas

Not many pins as yet - but as I find more I will add them. Do let me know if you find any sleepwear upcycling projects!

For lots of ideas for upcycling all types of clothes, visit the Clothes Upcycling Projects linky.


  1. Hi Jill... as usual, lovely projects to try. Loved the idea of origami bags :)
    I am in process of making a clutch from old jeans and a t-shirt. I hope to finish it soon, as I am hand stitching it, lol.

  2. Thank you! Your new clutch sounds nice - would love to see a picture when you finish!!


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